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Medical Error Prevention Concerns for Massage Therapists 2 CE Online Course



Errors arise mostly from aberrant mental processes, e.g.., inattentiveness, being forgetfulness, carelessness, recklessness, poor motivation from boredom resulting in negligence. For example, when placing a hot pack on the legs of a patient who indicated on their client history intake forms that they have diabetes. Either the client history intake form was not read by the therapist and just proceeded with the treatment, or a lapse of memory between reading the client history intake form and working with this patient occurred. People are human and errors will happen but one way to prevent boredom in the workplace is to take pride in one’s work and keep up with current information. In this course we will define the current definition of medical errors prevention determined by strict governmental standards and the health care industry. This course includes the latest information concerning deep vein thrombosis. Also covered in this course will be detailed plans for professional and personal safety measures. This course will outline contraindicating, the definitions of various conditions, soap notes review, HIPPA regulations and client documentation. A review of body ergonomics, table positioning and additional information pertaining to older client difficulties is also included.

….truth will sooner come out of error than from confusion.
The Works of Francis Bacon (1887-1901)

Credit Hours: 2

  • ME for LMTs
  • Establishing Prevention
  • Medication Error Reports
  • Senior Falling Statistics are on the Rise
  • Tips About How Seniors Can Prevent Needless Falls
  • Clinic Preventative Guidelines to Avoid Senior Clients Falling
  • First Aid
  • Determining the Needs and Expectations
  • Client Files
  • Treatments for the Critically Ill for Palliative Therapy
  • Body Ergonomics
  • Contraindicative Conditions and Precautions
  • Documentation and Proper Client Support
  • Taking the Client's Pulse Guidelines
  • Side Effects and Risks from NCCAM
  • Massage Support During Pregnancy
  • Safety and Health Policy Statement/Client & Therapist Safety Issues
  • Emergency Action Plan for Personal and Business Safety
  • CPR Guidelines
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years